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Why wearable tech for kids could mean instant peace of mind and safety

Children’s wearables pair up with your iPad, iPhone and Android device to make sure where your kid is anytime and anywere.

As a parent, you’ll never stop worrying, but real-time GPS Child Wearable Technology will help you keep tabs on your little kid, anywhere, anytime.

Picture this: You’re in a crowded store, filled with rushing shoppers and racks of clothes. You get distracted for just a moment – another shopper shoving past, a salesperson asking if you need anything. You don’t mean to. But the impossibility of multitasking has got you. And suddenly, where did your daughter go?

You get mad for a second, then, in only a matter of seconds, panic sets in. You don’t want to make a big deal at first, but as your heart sinks down to your stomach, your eyes hawk around and your ears start to ring, trying to block out the store hustle and bustle to locate the tone of that precious word: “Mommy!” You start shoving through racks, hoping she’s playing what she thinks is a funny game of hide and seek again, but the voice in the back of your head starts asking “What if…?”

As you dart around looking for her, you also start the search for that sales clerk who of course has disappeared. Maybe you should call her name over the loudspeaker? A minute goes by and you consider just calling the police directly. All of a sudden, you feel a push at the back of your knees. You turn around and bend down, and start the debate between hugging your little girl for dear life or yelling at her to “Never do that again!”

Whether as a child or as a parent, we’ve all experienced this moment of panic. And we’ve all verbally judged the parents that “dog-leash” their children, while secretly empathizing with their need to keep hold of their pint-sized Usain Bolt.

Thankfully, mobile technology has begun offering solutions to our worst nightmares. Children’s wearables pair up with your iPad, iPhone and Android device, not to make sure your kid won’t wander off again – because kids will be kids – but to make sure you have the peace of mind to locate them the moment you notice their missing or even before you do.

Child wearable devices are tiny mobile computers or electronic devices that your kid can comfortably wear, but not easily take off and lose. Most often in the form of a fun-colored, lightweight bracelet, only the authorized adult is allowed to put it on and take it off the child. A child wearable is usually equipped with a mobile, real-time GPS tracking device that allows you to monitor where she is at all times, as well as if he/she leaves a certain area, as it allows you to set parameters for the ‘safe zones’.

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Child wearables don’t just work indoors or with WiFi. We’ve all tried telling our kids, “Don’t go past the swing set. Stay within 20 steps from Mommy.” Now, you can really enforce it. You simply put the wearable technology on your kid, mark on your mobile the specific borders – or go with a default of about 50 meters – in which she is allowed to roam free, and then, the moment she crosses the line, your phone vibrates or beeps. There are even apps that give your girl a quick warning she is nearing the edge, which saves you both a bit of yelling.

And if you worry you’re becoming the parent who always seems to be losing her voice screaming because your kid’s a bit more creative in her escape plans, there are even wearables that let you speak into your mobile and she’ll hear your voice out of the device’s speaker. Plus, that’s just an awesome, personal way to connect with your child when you’re away for work or just in the next room.

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