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6 applications for saving money (now that the summer holidays are coming up)

Here we recommend a few applications to whip your personal finances into shape and let you splurge on an extra treat

A few months ago, we talked about several applications for saving a couple of euros and managing your finances. But the app offerings are continually expanding, so today we’re going to bring you up to date by recommending six more mobile applications that will help you save up for your upcoming holidays. Applying the rule that each person should use the app that is best suited to their needs – and that variety is the spice of life – these six suggestions stand out for their usability, quality and different functions.


Fintonic - applications for savingAn application “Made in Spain” and one of the most popular ones, that will whip your finances into shape. It stands out for its design and the synchronisation of the data with your bank accounts, securely encrypting the data with 256-bit security, the same level used by banks. Fintonic collects information on the income and expenses of your accounts to recommend the best way to save and avoid superfluous spending. Although Fintonic accesses the data in your account, it cannot make transfers or payments, because it only reads the information, as if it were receiving the receipts of the activity in the account.

Free: available for iOS and Android

Tus gastos

Tus Gastos - applications for savingThe mobile version of the My Value service. This is the perfect combination that lets you understand what’s going on with your expenses and income at a glance. Although MyValue works like Fintonic, synchronising securely with your bank data, the Tus Gastos app helps you to easily categorise all of the expenses in your portfolio day to day.

Free: available for iOS and Android


Spendee - applications for savingA well-made application with a design that’s in line with iOS7. Because a picture is worth a thousand words, Spendee lets you visually explore your income and expenses, converting your data into intuitive graphs.

Price: 1.79 for iOS and free for Android



MoneyWiz- applications for savingOne of the most full-featured tools. Offers synchronisation between platforms, portfolio management, financial forecasts, notifications of bill payments, etc. MoneyWiz is a highly visual and graphic display that lets you understand perfectly what’s going on with your money.  Intuitive and great to use on Mac and iPad to keep track of all of your household accounting.

Different prices depending on the functions: available for iOS and Android


Wally - applications for savingKeep track of your finances with this application that comes straight out of Beirut and Dubai. As with the other apps that we’ve shown you, it is very well designed. Wally’s most significant aspect is its emphasis on achieving the financial goals that you set. Plan the projects that you are saving for and observe the consequences of everyday expenses on them.

Free: available for iOS


Splitwise - applications for savingThis app provides a function that the others don’t. In this case, the application helps you to track debts with friends and family when you make common payments. For people who share a flat and have to split the bills and grocery expenses, or for those who are responsible for buying a present to be paid for by several friends. Splitwise wants to help make this often uncomfortable task of collecting money more pleasant.

Free: available for iOS and Android

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