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Cloud storage services that offer more space for free

Cloud computing is here to stay. More and more users are moving their data to a server online and are backing up their files on the cloud, instead of making physical copies. Space limitations are being lifted and the price per GB is dropping. With so much competition, it's easy to find a piece of the cloud for free.

With so many cloud storage services competing with the most popular ones, like Dropbox or Google Drive, it’s hard to be noticed and really attract clients. For this reason, we’re starting to see new companies appearing that are offering a lot of space totally free, to make themselves more attractive and tempt all types of users who want to move. Dropbox was practically the first in its class, and that’s why it has all of those users, but not because it offers a lot of space, and much less for free; in fact, it’s one of the ones that offers the least when you sign up. There are lots of things that we can do with our space in the cloud, and it’s always good to have a few extra gigas. For this reason, we searched through the cloud storage services that offer more space for free and that are reliable enough to host your data with them. You’d be surprised to hear that you can get up to 100 GB of space for free, much more than the 2 GB that Dropbox gives you, or the 15 GB of Google Drive. cloud storage

Shared offers 100 GB when you sign up and has social components because it creates a timeline in your profile if you upload public files. At the same time, you can see what others have shared and “like” their publications, and also comment and receive comments. Characteristics:

  • Free space: 100 GB with registration, which can be done using your Facebook account or email address.
  • More space free: does not apply.
  • Available applications: in beta and there are still no devices for any type of device. It can only be used through the browser, but it is compatible with mobiles.
  • Other plans: for $9.95 a month, they offer 1 TB of space, and for $24.95, unlimited.
  • Miscellaneous: one important thing to know with the free plan is that if you don’t access your account in 90 days, the files will be deleted.


SurDoc also offers 100 GB of free space when you sign up, but has a lot more options than Shared. For example, it offers protection and high security for files, applications to edit documents, allows you to add notations or your signature where necessary. Characteristics:

  • Free space: 100 GB with registration using your email address, Google+ account, Facebook or Yahoo.
  • More space for free: you can add between 1 GB and 10 GB with different options, such as invitations to friends through email or social networks.
  • Available applications: Windows, Mac OS X, Android, iOS.
  • Other plans: for $2.50 a month, you’ll have 100 GB of space, just like the free version, but with a lot more options, such as notes and viewing of the documents in your account, more space for “special” files (ZIP, executable).
  • Miscellaneous: to sync a file on all of your devices, you put it in a folder named “SurDoc Universal Sync”.


Many people have heard about Mega, the site created by Kim Dotcom, who was the owner of Megaupload. The fact that he’s behind this new service makes some people feel a little insecure, but Mega is one of the most secure sites around for cloud storage, because they encrypt all of the stored data, and it returns to its original state when you download it. Characteristics:

  • Free space: 50 GB when you sign up.
  • More space free: does not apply.
  • Available applications: Windows (soon for Linux and Mac), Android, Blackberry, iOS, Chrome and Firefox.
  • Other plans: for €99.99 you get 500 GB of space and 12 TB of bandwidth, and for €199.99 you get 2 TB of space and 48 TB of bandwidth. Finally, for €299.99, you get 4 TB of storage and 96 TB of bandwidth. Prices are annual.
  • Miscellaneous: lots of security with detailed information on accessing your account, SSL for file transfers, among others.

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Firedrive is another simple and attractive option that gives you 50 GB free when you sign up. It has a few interesting options, such as assigning individual passwords to each folder, allows comments and feedback on certain files that are public, deciding who can see and share them. You can also create a group of users to share privately, either among friends, family or coworkers. Characteristics:

  • Free space: 50 GB when you sign up.
  • More space free: does not apply.
  • Available applications: only through the browser, but it’s compatible with mobile devices.
  • Other plans: There are two other plans, Pro and Executive. The first give you 1 TB of disk space for $2.99 a month, and the second, unlimited space for $29.99 a month. They both remove the ads that are shown in the free account.
  • Miscellaneous: you can view more than 150 types of files, and file downloads are unlimited. You can also have a public profile in case you want to share multiple things at the same time.


ADrive is another very complete cloud service, with online collaboration, FTP access, increased security, online document editing, expiration of public files and a lot of other very interesting options. When you create a free account, they give you 50 GB of space, which is more than enough for many, but there are also limitations that they don’t tell you about when you are going to sign up. Characteristics:

  • Free space: 50 GB when you sign up.
  • More space free: does not apply.
  • Available applications: Android, iOS for free accounts and a multi-platform application for Adobe Air only for premium accounts.
  • Other plans: there are lots of plans for personal and business use, starting at $2.50 a month for 100 GB of storage space.
  • Miscellaneous: JavaScript must be installed to use ADrive.

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