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Rafa Nadal programs with Talentum Schools

Talentum Schools team anxiously awaited Rafa Nadal's visit to learn about the programme that gives children and young people throughout Spain a fun way to learn how to program applications, websites, robots, and augmented reality.

Talentum Schools provides a boost for the technological professions and digital culture by helping with the responsibility of preparing children and young people to be the professionals of the future, which is already upon us. Everyone, from doctors to economists, fruit vendors to teachers, as well as professional athletes, will need to know basic programming concepts to develop as professionals in a world with a digital as well as physical dimension.

The idea is not only to create new programmers, but also for “digital natives” to progress from reading to knowing how to write in the digital world, for them to feel that, in addition to being consumers of technology, they can also be creators; that they can be an active part of the digital revolution in which we are immersed.

The connection between sports and technology is growing stronger and stronger. One example is the Talentum Startups Bike Lab, where eight engineers and students have been working for more than four months on applications that help improve the performance of the team and the cyclists and to open up new ways for them to relate to amateur cyclists and their followers. The group’s work has taken the shape of four projects:

  • – Gathering information on a cyclist’s physiological variables.
  • – A mobile application designed for road cycling, that can be used to create routes and connect to cyclists.
  • – A real-time cyclist locator for professionals and amateurs.
  • – Study and development of a secure solution for the team’s radio communications.

Talentum Startups Bike Lab

Who better than Rafa Nadal to energize the project, and use his own example to motivate and mobilize kids and young people (not to mention the rest of us)? This time the focus of this exceptional visit was on the young people at Talentum Startups, engineers or engineering students, who, with their passion for technology, are investing their time in sharing and teaching kids their passion for technology in the Movistar stores all over Spain.

At the Talentum School workshops, the mentors, in just an hour and a half, help kids to have fun, and at the same time, without realizing it, to learn more or less advanced programming concepts. During the workshops, the children successfully solve mathematical or logic questions that they haven’t yet seen in school. This time, the young people representing the more than 70 mentors currently participating in the Talentum Schools programme were: Isabel, who successfully taught Rafa Nadal how to program a robot; Mario, who talked about how older kids learn how to program; Jaime, who demonstrated augmented reality games and Lightbot for the youngest participants; Luis and Juan.

Rafa Nadal Talentum Schools

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