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An opportunity of Olympic proportion – One Young World in 2015

One Young World 2015 brings together the brightest young people around the world

In December, I received the honour of being elected to represent the One Young World Ambassador community in London and South East England. One Young World (#OYW) is a youth leadership summit focused on sustainability.

After the Olympics, it is the most globally representative event in the world

The London/SE community is currently made up of 300 young leaders, from multinational companies (Unilever, Barclays, Ab Inbev, Siemens and Google to name a few), government and the third sector.

One Young World 2015
One Young World 2015

My role as “Coordinating Ambassador” has created an opportunity for me to bring them all closer together and consequently a unique chance to support the #OYW agenda.

My overarching motivation for #OYW is to see it “Become a Voice That Matters” in the region we represent. To do this, I will attempt to unite our community of hugely talented and well networked individuals into one influential voice that will be heard across society. As a community, we already have the scale to “make waves” with global fetch – many multinationals and institutions of influence are headquartered in London.

An olympic opportunity
One Young World


The most important thing a #OYW Ambassador can do after attending a summit is to become a vocal advocate for its values. Delivering projects are also important, we need proof points of the change we are enabling, but they should not distract us from bringing our values to every meeting we attend, each presentation we give or even every email we send.

They should be integral to what we do

2015 will feature many ways in which Ambassadors can do this, especially in how we can share our message externally. After all, it is people outside our #OYW community that we need to influence the most.

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