The nine Spanish startups with the most welcoming offices (and where you’d want to work)

Offices with a somber, serious, and even grey image are no longer the reference for emerging businesses, which are choosing functional open spaces, where design and modernity coexist with the professionalism of the workers

Startups are opting for an innovative concept that combines workspace with entertainment – a mechanism that intensifies creativity while at the same time increasing production. We’ve selected nine Spanish startups with the most amazing offices, where you can get a better idea of what we mean when we talk about innovative workspaces.


The Spanish social network par excellence is headquartered on Madrid’s centrally-located Gran Via. The historic Telefónica building houses this young company that has decided to go with open spaces that encourage creativity and of course, productivity. The foosball table is the undisputed highlight in Tuenti’s game area. But the crown jewel is the enormous terrace where workers can enjoy enviable views of the capital while they work.

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Breakfast Producciones

This advertising and communications agency located on Cea Bermúdez in Madrid sees its office as a place in which to develop great ideas. The common space has a meeting space surrounded by windows, a very effective way to encourage transparency among the team members who make up this start-up.

Breakfast Producciones says goodbye to the traditional office concept and changes over to this new concept, which encourages and strengthens work relations.

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The Spanish online store with the most users is located in Barcelona. Its office is a clear example of the transformation that we’re talking about. As a way to relieve stress, they provide a play room that has been carefully designed down to the last detail, with a foosball table, ping-pong table, etc.

Privalia encourages healthy travel options for its team and has added bike parking inside the office. All of the spaces have been updated; even the traditional cafeteria seems to have a different spirit with the addition of images on the walls. Easy, but true. Privalia aims for a modern and functional design.

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At this creator of mobile apps without programming knowledge, they have transformed an old architecture studio into their workplace.

Once again, the office design is all about the open space. Famous apps on the market like Twitter, Facebook or Instagram decorate their walls. Its also not uncommon to see reminders, ideas or tasks written on the windows, walls or desks. There we can find a break area with couches and a Super Nintendo so that the team can unplug and have some fun.

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The colours decorating the office are white and blue. With this combination, Groupalia offers different spaces that invite you to work, and of course enjoy the space. Couches are key in one of the rooms, where they try to pamper their team to improve their productivity. Proof of this is on one of the walls, where they acknowledge that all of Groupalia’s success is thanks to its team of workers.

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Telefónica’s accelerator with offices in the most traditionally Spanish building on Madrid’s Gran Vía, brings together today’s brightest and most cutting-edge startups.

This office is striking because of the contrast between the black of the blocks, which separate the different companies, and the yellows and oranges that give strength and importance to the Wayra furniture. The common areas deserve separate mention: ping-pong table, break room, punching bag, etc. A creative space that intensifies work relations and of course, talent.

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Social Bro

The most minimalist of them all, but even so, it still follows the concept of innovation to a T. Traditional desks are combined with less formal spaces where beanbag chairs are probably the best place to disconnect. Also, to relieve stress, they have a ping-pong table to have some fun. These offices, which are located in Córdoba, are not the only ones that the company has; the startup has also opened offices in the UK.

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El Tenedor

Its open workspace lets a lot of light into the office. Comfort and functionality can be seen in each one of the corners of the El Tenedor offices. But the star of the start-up, which deserves special mention, is undoubtedly its terrace, decorated with large umbrellas, with tables and ping-pong tables for workers to enjoy themselves. Quite a luxury, which surely helps workers to face the work day with a fresh outlook.

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Territorio Creativo

This social media agency has a pleasant terrace that provides a view of most of Madrid. But that’s not its only strong point, because it also has a break room with couches for resting, and even a guitar to help forget about work for a while and make the workday a little more pleasant. The best part of the whole office may be the #TCAula, the training room. Territorio Creativo has understood that the key to improving the workers’ situation is to strengthen productivity at the start-up.

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