alternative uses for mobiles

Uses to give new life to your old mobile

Don't throw out your old smartphone; here are 8 alternatives to get the most out of your technology.

The market research strategies applied in the area of mobile technology, along with the non-stop appearance of new terminals, each more sophisticated and with more features than the previous models, has resulted in a compulsive tendency to consume mobile gadgets and devices, driven by the desire to have the latest new developments on the market. In most cases, terminals become obsolete after just a year of life, eclipsed by the latest new technological developments on the market. But this isn’t to say that they no longer work and need to be thrown out; here are 8 alternative uses for mobiles that you no longer use, but that still offer possibilities to creatively get the most out of their technology.

Surveillance camera

In the case of terminals with Internet access, one of the more interesting uses is to convert your old mobile into an IP camera. With applications such as SECuRET SpyCam, for Android, and Security Cam, for iOS, you can capture audiovisual material to improve the security of your home, keep an eye on the kids, or serve as a digital peephole to see who’s at the door. All of the captured images can be viewed from any computer in the house, or remotely via the internet or another smartphone.

Emergency telephone 

As you know, many smartphones allow you to make emergency calls even when they are deactivated. In the case of senior citizens or convalescents, this might be a good option to allow them to contact  emergency services  quickly and safely  in case of an accident or dangerous situation. To do this, all that you need is some type of power supply to keep it continuously charged and available in case of accident or emergency. alternative uses for mobiles

Alarm clock

This is one of the simplest alternative uses; just remove the SIM card from the terminal and leave it permanently connected to a charger to replace the tedious “tick-tock” of your old alarm clock with a wonderful silent digital clock-alarm clock that is fully customizable.

Media Center

One of the more practical uses for an old mobile from the technological point of view, not only to play music files and other multimedia content stored on the terminal with one of the available media players such as XBMC, but also to play  content received via streaming on the music player from a disk or another computer on a network. For the latter, just install one of the available streaming applications such as Spotify, Audiogalaxy, Soundcloud, or Google Music, among others, and connect the telephone by cable or bluetooth, and you’re ready to go. You also have the option of converting it into an Android TV Stick, connecting it directly to the television, taking advantage of the HDMI outputs of some terminals, such as the Xperia Arc S.

Remote control

Some mobiles, like the HTC One, are equipped with an infrared LED that among other things, lets you use the mobile as a remote control. This is a creative way to reuse the terminal, but there are also applications on the market that allow you to control Smart TVs via mobiles, or using converters that are connected through the headset output of the terminal and work like universal remote controls.

Wi-Fi Telephone

If the device is equipped with Wi-Fi, using voice over IP services like Skype, WeChat, Truphone or Fring, you can use it to make calls to other users of those services. If you want to make calls to mobiles or landlines, you can also use those same services, but at an additional cost. alternative uses for mobiles


Though not quite as nice as the Kindle format, a smartphone can offer the same basic e-reader functions. In fact, Amazon offers applications for Android, iOS, BlackBerry and Windows Phone that allow you to use large-format terminals as e-readers.

Pocket PC

Even if your old terminal doesn’t have the latest new technological developments on the market, it still has a processor that is powerful enough for you to use your terminal as a pocket PC or digital agenda. Everyday basic tasks such as taking notes, managing your calendar of meetings, pending tasks, or using its storage capacity as a removable drive, are utilities that could be very useful in your day-to-day life. And if you don’t like any of these proposed uses, your can always sell your smartphone or put it on display as part of your retro gadget collection. Images | via Flickr  –Phil Roeder and  from_ko

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