Be more, by César Alierta

I should like to take this opportunity which has been granted to me by Think Big blog to tell you about how we are driving our transformation in Telefónica.

Why do we want to transform ourselves? As we all know, we are experiencing an unstoppable digital revolution that is changing the world, a revolution that Telefónica sees as a clear opportunity to build a bright future and help define the digital world in which we live. Playing an active part in this revolution means transforming Telefónica –a process we began over two years ago when we decided to become a Digital Telco. A Digital Telco is a company that combines all its Telco assets with the digital assets needed to help clients access and enjoy all that technology has to offer them.

At Telefónica we aim to become a true Digital Telco that meets all our customers’ digital needs, from Internet access to the most advanced digital solutions, through any connected device.

So we have redefined our vision based on the belief that technology should be available to all individuals, companies and governments, so that they can BE MORE. To achieve our vision, we have identified the three key attitudes we shall adopt:

DISCOVER: Discover what our customers want, by getting closer to them and looking for new ways of doing things.

DISRUPT: Be disruptive, asking ourselves if we do we can do better, defying the rules, generating new ideas and exceeding expectations.

DELIVER: Put things into practice, taking risks and making decisions, leveraging our size and always seeking excellence in everything we do.

These are attitudes that characterise all the decisions we have made in recent months, such as simplifying our catalogue of products and services, launching disruptive offers, changing our business model by eliminating subsidies, committing to open ecosystems such as the Firefox operating system, or fixed and mobile network sharing.

Telefónica has just begun its transformation and the pace will soon quicken. We want to continue discovering and anticipating the needs of our customers and be more innovative, reinventing new digital solutions. We want to and we will BE MORE, this is the motto that reflects our new way of seeing, feeling and acting; it is the expression of the vision that will make us a fully-fledged Digital Telco.


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