Green Momit
  • 28 octubre, 2013
  • 2 min

Green Momit: save energy with a smart thermostat

This smart thermostat will let you save up to 20% of a household's energy bill.

In recent years, awareness of energy saving and environmental care has been on the increase. The media discuss climate change, excessive energy consumption and the pollution of the planet with ever greater frequency. Not only is it important to keep these points in mind, but we must remember that energy savings are directly proportional to cost savings.

Energy efficiency means using lighting, heating and air conditioning appropriately to achieve the comfort we seek in our home. It is important to be comfortable at home, but this does not mean we should waste energy. The first barrier is awareness. We must realise that controlling energy consumption in our daily life is essential. Once we become aware of this, it is only a matter of looking at the details.

On a normal day in our home we perform thousands of actions that lead to increased energy consumption. How can we reduce this consumption? Through small gestures such as taking full advantage of natural light, equipping your home with proper thermal insulation or completely switching off electronic devices once you stop using them.

These measures not only help to care for the environment but also to save families money. We see how electricity, heating and water bills –energy bills in general– are constantly rising. Controlling energy consumption can save a lot of money in a home. You can lower your energy consumption in two ways: without spending money, or by investing to make your home more efficient. But even in the latter case, if you decide to spend money to be more efficient, you can recover this investment very quickly.

One example of this is installing a proper thermostat. Did you know that the thermostat controls at least 50% of the energy consumed in a home? Green Momit has created an intelligent WiFi thermostat that not only reduces power consumption and helps to protect the environment, but also saves up to 20% on your home energy bill. Miguel Sánchez, CEO of Green Momit says, «the introduction of devices such as our Momit Smart Thermostat in the homes of our customers is the biggest change in the way our they consume, because they now simultaneously control comfort and consumption in their homes. « Green Momit develops energy-efficient products, such as smart thermostats that learn and adapt to your preferences.


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