Update your blog on WordPress with Google Glass

Update posts, photos and videos on your WordPress blog using Google Glass (if you already have them).

Public relations and communication agency Weber Shandwick has developed a plug-in to allow WordPress users to access and update their posts on the platform using Google Glass glasses.

The wpForGlass plug-in has not been launched officially yet by WordPress, but we do know that it will take less than a minute to take a photo or record a video, for example at an event that you attend, and publish it on your blog or website. At this point, the plug-in does not support voice commands, but Weber Shandwick expects to have this working by the time the plug-in is launched officially.


If we compare the way that content is currently generated and shared through smartphones as opposed to how it will be done using Google Glass, in terms of time and user experience the publication process with the plug-in will be almost like blinking your eye, making it extremely useful for bloggers or journalists, among others. There are currently 330 million WordPress blogs, and editors will be able to personalize wpForGlass based on how they want to use it.

«Instead of pulling out a phone or camera to take a picture that needs to be posted online right away, this is so much easier», said Ozzy Farman, Weber Shandwick’s head of Technology Innovation.

Also, the plug-in developed by Weber Shandwick uses the open-source code of WordPress to integrate with the platform, which helps to propose improvements, and although it’s not a native application, it integrates perfectly into the WordPress publication workflow.

For now, only a few privileged users have access to Google Glass. The rest of us will have to use other types of more common and mundane devices for our WordPress updates.